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Anti-fade Mounting Medium (Without DAPI or PI)

Catalog #BAR1003
Size10 ml
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Datasheet MSDS
Catalog# BAR1003

Size: 10 ml

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1. With anti-fluorescence quenching reagent, this glycerol-based mounting medium has strong effect on anti-fade and can be used to seal tissues or cells slides in fluorescence related applications. After mounting, coverslipped slides will not readily dry out and can be observed for weeks afterwards without sealing (can be stored at 4℃ or -20℃ in dark for 2-3 weeks). The medium can prolong the duration of fluorescence and maintain the luminescence intensity of fluorescence maximally, in addition, the other components help to maintain the combination of antigen and antibody.
The medium are compatible with a wide array of fluorochromes, enzymatic substrates and fluorescent proteins, such as green fluorescent protein, FITC, Alexa Fluor, Cy2, Cy3, Cy5, Cy7, DAPI, Rhodamine, Texas Red, AMCA, Hoechst 33258, Hoechst 33342, etc

Kit Components
Components Size Storage Instruction
Anti-fade Mounting Medium (Without DAPI or PI) 10 ml   Store at 2-8°C for one year

1. Balance to room temperature before use.
2. Pipette to remove the liquid on the slide and slightly dry by airing.
3. Pipette 20 μl of Anti-fade Mounting Medium (Without DAPI or PI) and add onto the sample on the slide, or add proper volume of such medium into the cell culture wells directly.
4. Coverslip the slide, but avoid bubbles.
5. Observe under fluorescence microscope. Or store the coverslipped slide at 4℃ or -20℃ in dark for 2-3 weeks, the fluorescence will not be faded.

1. The coverslips which were added with this medium must be stored in dark.
2. The medium can definitely slow quenching, but try to observe and take photo asap.
3. Please wear gloves during operating.