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Methyl Green Staining Solution

Catalog #BAR1011
Size100 ml
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Datasheet MSDS
Catalog# BAR1011

Size: 100 ml

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1. Methyl Green Staining Solution is a tissue or cell stain that is often used to dye the nucleus green.
2. Methyl Green can bind to the DNA in the nucleus, producing a nucleus staining.
3. This dye can be combined used with immunofluorescence staining and immunohistochemical staining. After methyl gree staining, proceed immunofluorescence or immunohistochemistry. Or use such staining solution to do counterstaining.
4. 10ml of Methyl Gree Staining Solution is enough for staining at least 2000 samples.

 Kit Components

 Components Size Storage Instruction
Methyl Green Staining Solution 100 ml Store at RT in dark for at least one year.


  • Sample preparation
A. For paraffin section: Dewax the tissue section in dimethylbenzene for 5-10 min, then, immerse the section for another 5-10 min in the fresh dimethylbenzene. Immerse in 100% alcohol for 5 min, 90% alcohol for 2 min, 70% alcohol for 2 min, then, rinse with distilled water for 2 min.
B. For frozen section: rinse with distilled water for 2 min.
C. For cultured cells: fix cells with 4% paraformaldehyde for more than 10 min. Wash with distilled water 2 times, 2 min for each.
  • Methyl Green Staining
A. Stain with Methyl Green Staining Solution for 5-10 min. (This is for reference only, the optimal time should be adjusted according to the staining results and requests.)
B. Wash with distilled water twice. (Each time last for several seconds. The section looks blue at this time and will be in green when it is dehydrated.)
C. Immerse the section in 95% alcohol for 5 seconds.
D. If need to observe directly at this time, wash twice with 70% alcohol. Or proceed the next steps, dehydrate and seal the section. (Note: Even if washed with 70% alcohol, the section can be stilled suitable for dehydrating and sealing).
Note: If it is used for counterstaining, stain directly with such solution after other staining of immunohistochemistry were finished.
  • Dehydration, transparency, sealing section or other staining
A. Dehydration, transparency, sealing
Dehydrate the section in 95% alcohol for 2 min, then, immerse the section for another 2 min in the fresh 95% alcohol. Then, immerse in dimethylbenzene for 5 min, then, immerse another 5 min in fresh dimethylbenzene. Seal with neutral gum or other sealant. The cell nucleus are in green or turquoise under the microscope.
B. Other staining
If for immunofluorescence or Hoechst related dyes staining, after methyl green staining, wash twice with 70% alcohol, 2 min for each.
Immerse section in PBS, normal saline, TBS or TBST for 5 min. Then conduct the immunofluorescence or Hoechst related dyes staining.