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Busulfan/ Myleran

Size5 g
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Datasheet MSDS

Catalog# BCS1731

Size: 5 g

Lot # Check on the product label

Storage Instruction: Store at 2-8℃.

CAS No.: 55-98-1

Purity: 98%

Formula: C6H14O6S2

Formula Weight: 246.3

Melting point: 114-117°C(lit.)

Appearance: White or off-white powder

Busulfan (Myleran) is an alkylsulfonate. It is an alkylating agent that forms DNA-DNA interstrand crosslinks between the DNA bases guanine and adenine and between guanine and guanine. This occurs through an SN2 reaction in which the relatively nucleophilic guanine N7 attacks the carbon adjacent to the mesylate leaving group. DNA crosslinking prevents DNA replication. Because the intrastrand DNA crosslinks cannot be repaired by cellular machinery, the cell undergoes apoptosis.