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Nitrocellulose membrane

Size0.22um, 15cm*20cm
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Catalog No.: BWR1078

Size: 0.22µm, 15cm*20cm

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1. Pre-cut to 15cm*20cm (in line with WB's common size of 6 whole gels) for easy handling.
2. It is suitable for most of the immunoblots, especially for proteins with molecular weight <20kDa, effectively reducing the leakage of small molecular weight proteins.
3. NC membrane is hydrophilic membrane, no need to soak in anhydrous ethanol, methanol and other solutions to activate before use.

 Components Size Storage Instruction
Nitrocellulose membrane 0.22µm, 15cm*20cm Store at RT

Application: Western Blot, adsorption analysis, amino Acid analysis, N-terminal protein sequencing, Dot/Slot blotting, glycoprotein chromogenesis and lipopolysaccharide analysis, etc.

Other Information

Please check datasheet for protocol.