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Endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) is a human protein encoded by the PROKR1 gene. It induces proliferation, migration, and fenestration in capillary endothelial cells derived from endocrine glands. EG-VEGF is mitogenic and chemoattractive and able to induce fenestration. Its expression is induced by hypoxia, and there is an HIF1 binding site present on EG-VEGF. It is also able to induce angiogenesis and ovarian cyst formation.

Principle of the Assay  
This kit was based on sandwich enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay technology. Anti-EG-VEGF polyclonal antibody was pre-coated onto 96-well plates. And the biotin conjugated anti-EG-VEGF polyclonal antibody was used as detection antibodies. The standards, test samples and biotin conjugated detection antibody were added to the wells subsequently, and wash with wash buffer. Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex was added and unbound conjugates were washed away with wash buffer. TMB substrates were used to visualize HRP enzymatic reaction. TMB was catalyzed by HRP to produce a blue color product that changed into yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow is proportional to the EG-VEGF amount of sample captured in plate. Read the O.D. absorbance at 450nm in a microplate reader, and then the concentration of EG-VEGF can be calculated.

Range: 15.6 pg/ml-1000 pg/ml

Sensitivity < 7 pg/ml

Storage and Expiration: Store at 2-8℃ for 4 months, or at -20℃ for 8 months.

Application: For quantitative detection of EG-VEGF in human serum, plasma, or cell culture supernatants.

Kit components
1.     One 96-well plate pre-coated with anti-Human EG-VEGF antibody
2.     Lyophilized Human EG-VEGF standards: 2 tubes (10ng / tube)                     
3.     Sample / Standard diluent buffer: 30ml
4.     Biotin conjugated anti-Human EG-VEGF antibody (Concentrated): 130μl. Dilution: 1:100
5.     Antibody diluent buffer: 12ml
6.     Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (ABC) (Concentrated): 130μl. Dilution: 1:100
7.     ABC diluent buffer: 12ml
8.     TMB substrate: 10ml
9.     Stop solution: 10ml
10.   Wash buffer(25X): 30ml

Note: Reconstitute standards and test samples with Kit Component 3.

Gene Information

Swiss Port: P58294

Gene ID: 84432


Other Information

Please check datasheet for protocol.