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Horse Interleukin 6, IL-6 ELISA Kit

Catalog #BYEK3207
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Datasheet MSDS
Catalog No.: BYEK3207

Size: 96T

Range: 5 pg/ml- 80 pg/ml 

Sensitivity: 0.5 pg/ml

Storage and Expiration: Store at 2-8℃ for 6 months. 

Application: For quantitative detection of IL-6 in horse serum, plasma, tissue homogenate or cell culture supernatant.

Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is an immunoregulatory cytokine that activates a cell surface signaling assembly composed of IL6, IL6RA, and the shared signaling receptor gp130. It acts as both a pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine. IL-6 is one of the most important mediators of fever and of the acute phase response. It is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and initiating synthesis of PGE2 in the hypothalamus, thereby changing the body's temperature setpoint. IL-6 is also essential for hybridoma growth and is found in many supplemental cloning media such as briclone. Inhibitors of IL-6 are used to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis. IL-6 is relevant to many diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, depression, Alzheimer's Disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, prostate cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Principle of the Assay  
This kit was based on standard sandwich enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay technology. The purified anti- IL-6 antibody was pre-coated onto 96-well plates. And the HRP conjugated anti- IL-6 antibody was used as detection antibodies. The standards, test samples and HRP conjugated detection antibody were added to the wells subsequently, mixed and incubated, then, unbound conjugates were washed away with wash buffer. TMB substrates (A & B) were used to visualize HRP enzymatic reaction. TMB was catalyzed by HRP to produce a blue color product that changed into yellow after adding acidic stop solution. The density of yellow is proportional to the IL-6 amount of sample captured in plate. Read the O.D. absorbance at 450nm in a microplate reader, and then the concentration of IL-6 can be calculated.

Kit components
1. One 96-well plate pre-coated with anti- horse IL-6 antibody
2. Standard: 0.3 ml × 6 tubes (0 pg/ml, 5 pg/ml, 10 pg/ml, 20 pg/ml, 40 pg/ml, 80 pg/ml)
3. Wash buffer (20×): 25 ml. Dilution: 1:20
4. Sample diluent buffer: 6 ml
5. HRP conjugated anti- horse IL-6 antibody (RTU): 10 ml
6. Stop solution: 6 ml
7. TMB substrate A:  6ml
8. TMB substrate B:  6ml
9. Plate sealer:   2
10. Hermetic bag:  1

Material Required But Not Provided
1. 37℃ incubator
2. Microplate reader (wavelength: 450nm)
3. Precise pipette and disposable pipette tips
4. Automated plate washer
5. ELISA shaker
6. 1.5ml of Eppendorf tubes
7. Absorbent filter papers
8. Plastic or glass container with volume of above 1L

Other Information

Please check datasheet for protocol.