Collagenase II

Catalog# BBC1003
Size: 100 mg
Storage Instruction: Store at 4°C avoid light and dry for 2 years.
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Catalog# BBC1003

Size: 100 mg

Storage Instruction: Store at 4°C avoid light and dry for 2 years.

Lot # Check on the product label

CAS Num Collagenase IIber: 9001-12-1

Activity: 125 units/mg

Appearance: Brown or tan crystalline powder


Collagenase is a protease that specifically recognizes the Pro-X-Gly-Pro sequence and cleaves the peptide bond between the neutral amino acid (X) and glycine (Gly) of the sequence. Many proteases can hydrolyze single-chain and denatured collagen polypeptides, but collagenase is the only protease that can degrade native collagen fibers with triple supercoiled structures, which are widespread in connective tissue. Collagenase is generally divided into types I, II, III, IV and special collagenase for liver cells. The type of collagenase should be selected according to the type of tissue to be separated and digested.


1. Collagenase I is used for the separation of epithelial, lung, adipose and adrenal cells.

2. Collagenase II is suitable for adipose, liver, bone, thyroid, heart and salivary gland tissues.

3. Collagenase III contains at least 7 protease components with molecular weights ranging from 68-130KD. It digests a variety of tissues.

4. Collagenase IV contains at least 7 protease components with molecular weight ranging from 68-130KD. It can be used for the isolation of pancreatic islet tissue to separate connective tissue into individual cells.