Goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L)-Unconjugated

CatalogNo.: BSA1028
Size: 1mg
Host: Goat
Reactivity: Mouse
Isotype: IgG
Application: ELISA, WB, IHC, IP, IF
Price: $170.00


Catalog# BSA1028

Lot # Check on the product label

Size 1mg

Isotype IgG

Host Goat

Reactivity Mouse

Immunogen Mouse IgG

Product Form Liquid


This product was purified from antiserum by ion exchange purified.


It can specifically recognize the heavy and light chains on mouse IgG.

Recommend Application

Western Blot (1:1000-5000)

Immunohistochemistry, IHC (1:1000-5000)

Immunoprecipitation, IP (1:1000-5000)

Immunofluorescence, IF (1:1000-5000)

ELISA (1:1000-5000)

Other applications have not been tested.

The optimal dilutions should be determined by end user.

Dilution It is concentrated product, can be diluted with TBST (pH 7.0).

Storage Buffer

10mM sodium phosphate, 150mM sodium chloride, pH7.2

Storage Instruction 

Store at 4°C for frequent use, at -20°C for long term.

Avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles.