EASYspin RNA Isolation Kit (For Fibrous Tissues)

Catalog# BPC1010
Size: 50 T
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Application: For extraction of tissue RNA from heart, skeletal muscle, blood vessels, trachea, skin and other fibres.
Price: $350.00


Catalog# BPC1010

Size: 50 T

Lot # Check on the product label

Application: For extraction of tissue RNA from heart, skeletal muscle, blood vessels, trachea, skin and other fibres.


The Easyspin RNA Isolation Kit offers a fast and easy way to extract high quality RNA from Fibrous Tissues. The whole process is phenol/chloroform-free. The unique lysis buffer/ β-Mercaptoethanol immediately lyses biological samples and inactivates RNase and DNase. Ethanol is added to the lysate to provide appropriate binding conditions for RNA, and RNA selectively binds to the silica-membrane of the RNA column in the high-salt buffer. RNA is purified through a series of wash-spin steps to remove protein followed by elution of RNA from silica membrane with RNase-free H2O.

Kit Contents and Storage




Buffer RLT

50 ml



Store at RT for 6 months


Buffer RW1

40 ml

Wash Buffer RW

10 ml

RNase-free H2O

10 ml

Proteinase K powder (40mg/ml)

10 ml

Store at -20°C for 6 months

RNase-Free Collection Tubes

50 pcs

Store at RT for 6 months